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Prestige Home Improvement Images

Prestige Home Improvement ImagesAffordable Sustainable Energy

Reduce your carbon footprint. Fight climate change. Lower your monthly bills and protect yourself against rising utility rates.
Prestige Home Improvement Images

Residential Solar Panels

A new homeowner switches to solar every 84 seconds! The old way of getting power is expensive, inefficient, the costs continue rising, and our planet suffers most. The solar movement is happening one homeowner at a time. You can make a difference too. Find out if solar makes sense for your home.


Beautifully Designed

Our engineering team designs a solar system unique to your home and specific energy needs. Only premium solar equipment is used to ensure maximum output and efficiency.

Prestige Home Improvement Images

Prestige Home Improvement ImagesPremium Solar -- Premium Experience -- Premium Installation

Switching to solar shouldnt be complicated. While other companies promise simplicity they simply arent built to provide it. We handle every detail of your switch to solar- from start to finish. Its the details that make all the difference. From your custom designed system using the highest quality equipment, to your dedicated Project Manager whos with you every step of the way, to our in-house teams of designers, surveyors, installers and more- this is how solar should be done.
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The Solar Installation Process

Installing solar panels doesn't happen overnight there's a process for what needs to happen to get your panels ready to begin powering your home. Overall, from the day you sign your contract, it will typically take between one and three months before your solar panels are grid-connected and producing energy for your home.

We will do a full site overview. Measure your annual total energy usage and put together a system that will provide as much electricity as the roof size and shape will allow for the number of panels. Many factors come into play when deciding on the system size. Things to consider are: power requirements of the home, roof type and size, angle of the roof, shading from trees or other structures, and roof location in regards to optimal direct sunlight from morning to night

How Solar Works

Prestige Home Improvement Images
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